In the 1990's Andrew Devlin and Benjamin Norton were college friends and over 25 years they have grown their careers in Tech, travelled the world and served as each other's Best Man for their weddings.

Now they are partnering on creating a valuable platform for video marketing.

Andrew Devlin

Co-Founder, CEO, Board Director

Benjamin Norton

Co-Founder, CTO, Board Director

Officers & Directors

Deborah Lindsay


Marilyn Cunningham

Board Director


Jared Brick

Customer Success & Video Director

Elyse Mitchel

Customer Success & Operation

Pavel Savva

Software Engineer


Software Development

Chris Lloyd

Software Developer

Neeta Napte

Software Quality Assurance

Tabrez Shaikh

Software Quality Assurance


Jim Black

Mortgage Finance & Real Estate

Jeff Karnes

Business Strategy

Don O'Neill

Sales & Business Development

Jason Frazier

Mortgage Finance

Tobias Zatti

Sales Technology & Affliates

Alex Wong

Sales & Affiliates