Get the most out of PitchHub with these partnerships!

Reincubate - Camo

Camo turns your iPhone into a high quality USB camera, which can be used for PitchHub recordings in Studio mode.


Compatabity Note: Mac-Safari does not support virtual cameras.

Promotion Code: Use PITCH20 for a 20% discount.


WikiRealty sets up an onine marketing strategy which combines local-area content with ad retargetting. Several of our customers use their content to produce video updates.


Social Rx

Social Rx creates a solid and all-encompassing digital marketing strategy executed in the most efficient and effective manner for business growth. They create written & video-ready content for their clients and optimize their social media posting & marketing.



Descript has tools for transcript-based editing, which is highly useful for editing converting interviews and webinars into bite-size sections that can be used for smaller, social media posts