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"I've been using PitchHub for a couple months now and the response has been phenomenal. It's a great way to do some individual outreach, where they can see your face and engage with you."
Ricky Flores, Compass

"More and more people are watching my videos before hiring me. They get a sense of what I have to say on various subjects and more importantly who I am as a person."
Kristina Kuprina, CIMA, Sequoia Financial

"My team of 15 is now doing a video every week. PitchHub has enabled me and the team to become extremely confident and put together very complex scripts and videos, but also make the process easy."
Keith Walker, Intero

"PitchHub's teleprompter is phenomenal. It makes doing video incredibly easy and I'd strongly recommend it."
Brian Crane, CEO Intero

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