Connecting People to Opportunities Using Video

Making it easy and efficient to build relationships with business professionals
PitchHub is a video platform that enables buyers and sellers
to learn about each other in a cost effective and efficient manner.
For Buyers

Buyers can create a project, list requirements, quickly review multiple seller’s video presentations and collaborate as a team to narrow the field of possible vendors all while saving time and money.

For Sellers

Sellers can respond to buyer's requests using a customized video pitch, messaging, and documents.

Feedback is recorded for Buyer-side consumption and optionally, selected information can be shared with the Seller.

PitchHub Introduction

Saving Time = Saving Money

  • An effective pitch can save significant time by postponing calls and meetings until later.
  • The extra time can be used to review more vendors or to accomplish other goals.

Buyer initiated

  • To deliver an effective pitch, a seller needs to know the buyer's context.
  • Buyers use PitchHub to state their requirements and challenges (text and/or video) so sellers have something to solve for.
  • Sellers can research and address the buyer's key points, increasing the value of the exchange for everyone involved.

The Impact of Video

  • Learn key information about products, services, and people without having a meeting
  • Convey a human touch better than email or pre-produced video advertising
  • Videos are viewable on-demand, for maximum schedule flexibility
  • Make decisions sooner about which products and services to pursue
  • Leads to more effective meetings later, with the selected vendors

Start saving time and money NOW.

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Currently PitchHub is FREE for unlimited use!
Below are the product bundles we are working on.
PitchHub Basic


  • 2 Active Projects
  • 2 Users
  • 1 GB Video Storage
  • 90 Days Video availability
  • In-browser record
PitchHub Pro

To be announced

  • Unlimited Active Projects
  • 10 Users
  • 500 GB Video Storage
  • No Video Expiration
  • In-browser record
  • Video Analytics
PitchHub Business

To be announced

  • Unlimited Active Projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1 TB Video Storage
  • No Video Expiration
  • In-browser record
  • Video Download
  • Project Archive
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Video Analytics