9 Strategies to Reduce Zoom Anxiety and Stay Calm Behind the Screen

The proliferation of video calls during remote work can lead to Zoom anxiety. Whether you’re new to Zoom or tired of it, these strategies can help you easily navigate your next meeting.

  1. Identify the Source of Anxiety: Understand what triggers your anxiety during video calls. Is it tech issues, communication challenges, or public speaking anxiety? Knowing the cause helps you find coping mechanisms.

  1. Challenge Negativity Bias: Our brains tend to remember negative experiences more vividly. Counter this bias by focusing on positive aspects of Zoom calls. Practice speaking clearly and confidently, and review common Zoom problems to feel prepared

  1. Ground Yourself Before Meetings: Use mindfulness techniques to replenish yourself. Take brief breaks, find connections outside of Zoom, and consider if video conferencing is necessary for every interaction.

  1. Dress Comfortably and Professionally: Feeling good about your appearance can boost confidence and reduce stress.

  1. Use PitchHub Teleprompter: Our teleprompter helps you stay on track and is really easy to use!

  1. Take Deep Breaths: Before and during meetings, practice deep breathing to reduce stress

  1. Adjust Your Zoom Setup: Ensure your camera is at eye level and view your script beneath the camera. Relax and read off the teleprompter.

  1. Stay Present: Focus on the conversation rather than worrying about how you appear on screen.

  1. Have a Plan B: If tech issues arise, be prepared to troubleshoot. Familiarize yourself with Zoom features and settings.

Remember, you’re not alone in feeling Zoom anxiety. Implement these strategies to make your virtual meetings more comfortable and effective!